Slow! Construction Zone

By Alan Murray
Uncharted Staff

Work continues on our little project, now a noticeably larger, gigantic project that has spanned several years in the making. It’s a true cyber construction zone to say the least. If you thought you were going to, you may be wondering why you were taken to our blog instead. Uncharted is undergoing some server maintenance over the next day or two and we appreciate your patience as we clean things up a bit.

And yes, you heard correctly. I was talking about our “current site.” We’ve taken some of your feedback and have been working like crazy around the clock for the last few months on a totally new site with some much-requested improvements and new features that will make sharing your adventures and linking up with other explorers a bit easier. We’ll be giving you some glimpses into those changes as we get closer, but for now we’d like to say thanks for your support over the last few years and especially for your patience over the last few months as we’ve taken some much needed time to regroup and plan for the future. We’ll keep you posted about the new site as it gets closer to launch time.

Alan Murray is the President of Uncharted. He
wishes he were out scuba diving right now instead
of fixing websites and writing business documents.
You may contact him at

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