Call for Content. . . and How We’re Learning to Love Pink Bunnies

By Geojoe, Uncharted Staff

We’re busy now planning out the next few month’s progress at Uncharted, working to bring in more interactive features, easier site navigation and a beefier invitation to all of you to share your stories. We’re getting the word out that we’re looking for additional stories, photos, audio and video – your stuff, if you can’t take the hint – topost. There’s a lot of talented people we know who are excited about Uncharted, so instead of just hiding behind our glowing computer screens while we plug away at the programming and other chores, we really should help anyone out there that might want to share their adventures. If that sounds like you or someone you know, here’s the kind of content that matches up with Uncharted:

* Stories, poems, features, essays, little chiseled pyramids about unexplored, undiscovered, uncharted places, culture, issues, and marvels (anywhere in the world)
* Quality media (photos, video, audio, etc)

The editorial gurus will help whoever has something neat to offer with getting it posted. Contact them –, or

Big Picture Update: The work presses on. I was able to meet one of our interns, Fei, one of our programmers, Dave, and a PR & Marketing rep, Heather, in person when I visited Logan Utah last week. Incredible people! I spent half of my vacation just sitting around working on Uncharted. Yes, its a bit of an addiction now, but I was able to get out and hit the ski slopes once. Sickness & fatigue made for a failed attempt to hit Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some Uncharted work. Maybe next time.

Beyond that, a few of us spent countless time during ridiculuous hours of the night pondering, pontificating, and yes even debatingUncharted’s future. Sometimes this project can seem to be quite the bear, but the momentum is really picking up and we’re feeling it.Design is preparing files to send to our programmers while everyone on the team is submitting their feedback on the features, look, feel and interactivity. Oh yes, and its that time of year where our business manager Erin is saving our company from ruin by tackling our taxes. Meanwhile, our leader & computer gurus are telling us the key to our success rests with pink bunnies. That, my friends, is a story for another time.

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