Pink Bunnies Explained

By Geojoe, Uncharted Staff

I’ve mentioned on a few occassions the issue of “Pink Bunnies” which may have left you scratching your head if you aren’t savvy to the inside joke. Funny as it may be, I’m totally serious in saying thatUncharted’s fate has rested with pink bunnies. Allow me to explain this curious circumstance.

Our designer, Andrew, has quite the creative mind. Out of that creativity sprang the idea to manufacture and sell authentic pink bunny suits as seen in the movie A Christmas Story. Before he could even finish a business plan however, interest was pouring in. Theorders were literally multiplying like – well – rabbits! Meanwhile, Andrew faced no mass-production capability. Temporary solution: mobilize the grandmothers! But the situation grew out of control with more work than Andrew could handle alone if he was to still manage Uncharted’s design tasks. And if Uncharted had to go without Andrew’s expertise while he sorted out the pink bunnies, our project would be delayed further. The fate of Uncharted rested with Pink Bunnies.

As result, our team decided to hop to it and give Andrew some much needed help with bunny control. It took no time at all, and we are happy to report that hundreds of Americans across the country will have pink bunny suits under their Christmas trees this year, plusan innovative and upgraded Uncharted website.

The new Uncharted site is coming soon, but in the mean time, if you’re just inching to give the gift of pink bunny warmth, comfort, or humiliation this Christmas, visit and place your order.

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