MSNBC Featuring Andrew’s Pink Bunny Suits Sunday Morning

By Geojoe, Uncharted StaffUncharted’s own Andrew Clark, our Director of Presentation, will be making an appearance on MSNBC’s “Your Business” show Sunday morning, Jan 2nd, at 7:30 am to talk about his experiences as an entrepreneur in the pink bunny suit manufacturing industry. Yes, that’s right, the pink bunny manufacturing business! Let’s just say that we are lucky to have such a creative go-getter with us. Here’s the show’s website:

Following is a preview from MSNBC:

“It’s a classic holiday movie enjoyed by families every year, but “A Christmas Story” has actually been the source of inspiration for some small business owners. Find out how Brian Jones went from selling “leg lamps” in his garage to purchasing the actual house from the movie and running a full-scale retail operation with a licensing deal with Warner Brothers, and see why Andrew Clark, seller of bunny suits, has chosen to avoid licensing deals.”

Check out while you’re at it. Chances are you know someone that would just love to receive one!

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