Fixed the Photo and Story Modules

By Geojoe
Uncharted Staff

Great news! We successfully fixed the “share” function of theUncharted website so that you can once again share your photos and stories from your adventures! Feel free to use your Explorer account to sign in and publish away on Uncharted’s website. Invite your friends to do the same by sharing this link with them so they can become an Explorer too:

We look forward to seeing whatever you have to share with us as you continue exploring the uncharted and keep shooting for 2011 Explorer of the Year. For 2010 we gave away a nice Uncharted t-shirt and a couple bumper stickers to the winner, and well do the same or better this year, so share your adventures often!

Now we are working on new upgrades to the site and we will have some more news, tips and information to send to you again soon. As always, if you have anything you’d like to share w/ the whole Uncharted audience or have feedback, we welcome you to send it You can also keep in touch with us at our page on Facebook or Twitter. In the mean time, all the best!

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