Uncharted Explorer of the Year 2010

By Geojoe, Uncharted Staff

Uncharted is happy to announce the winner of the 2010 Explorer of the Year!
The Explorer of the Year is recognized by Uncharted’s editorial staff as having made the highest quality, most innovative, and most influential contributions to Uncharted and the community of Explorers through the course of the year.We are happy to announce Explorer “Lisa M Dickson” was selected as the Explorer of the Year for 2010!Lisa’s content was endorsed by the Uncharted staff and featured on the https://uncharted.net/ homepage in 2010, in particular her story, “Italy – A Permanent Etch Into My Heart”. She has also posted content from her discoveries in the past at the following locations: Bahamas, Tetons (Wyoming), Alaska, France, Niagara Falls, and Switzerland, just to name a few. Now that’s an Explorer! Head over to her profile to see where else she has been and drop a line to congratulate her. We are very impressed not only with her photo and writing talent, but also her continuous commitment to explore the world. Congratulations Lisa! And thank you for everything you have contributed so far.Lisa will receive an Uncharted T-shirt and bumper sticker, and she will be featured in our blogfacebook page, and historical archives.

There were many other excellent contributions from other Explorers, and we wish we had the ability to give something to everyone who contributed. Just about every story or photo we get from each Explorer inspires us and motivates us to reach higher, so thank you again to all Explorers.

We will continue recognizing the Explorer of Year winner annually, and hopefully we will get to the point that we can provide even better incentives not just to the winner, but to all Explorers. In the mean time, we wish you the best in your journeys and encourage you to “shoot” for Explorer of Year in 2011!

All the best,
The Uncharted Team

Explore. Live. Feel.

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