Developer’s Diary – The Eater

By Geojoe
Uncharted Staff

Today’s update comes from our workaholic designer, Andrew. He’s a big guy, big eater, and he has big ideas that he’s trying to turn into reality behind the scenes. Someday, all of us Uncharted fans are going to owe him big. Luckily, all he asks in return is pink bunnies and an endless supply of food. Here’s our first developer’s diary entry:

31 Mar 08 – “It may not make sense to everyone but I have about 7 pages done and they are constantly evolving and changing. As I design, I may come up with a better solution while I’m working on page 7 than I began with on pages 1-6 so I need to then go back and revise all the previous pages with the new and improved designs. This is always the case… It’s a bit of mental olympics designing a big website.”

14 Apr 08 – “I’ve been cuddled-up to my computer for the past 3 weeks designing very extremely incredibly super duper uber exciting pages for every possible function of the Uncharted website. Tonight, I took a minute to take some screenshots to show you what I’ve been working on over the past few days.”

Shown below is a sample of his work. Keep it up Andrew!

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