1st Edition Printed Mag Available

We successfully started printing magazines in addition to publishing online. Our first shot at it looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on later editions. We figured it would be cool to offer this first edition to the public on a limited basis to make owning this 1st issue more special to those that hop on the Uncharted bandwagon early. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the Uncharted while you’re on the computer, but now you can have stories and visuals in the palm of your hand! Here’s what the Feb 08 edition cover looks like:

This is a real basic, short, barebones start, but the longer we keep hacking at it the better it will get.

If you’d like to purchase a special 1st edition Uncharted magazine, send a blank e-mail to firstprint@uncharted.net and we’ll respond with ordering instructions.

Update on the bigger picture: We have some great interns helping us design the core functionality of the future site. We had a great meeting last week to discuss how we want to make it easier for the users to navigate our site’s future content. Our designer, Andrew, created an awesome site map for us. Everything is chugging along.

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