What We Learned

By Brian Davidson
Uncharted Staff


The workshop is done. I’m feeling a lot less stress now. I’m used to giving presentations, but I still get that stage fright right before it’s time to go on.

And that’s what we’ll do with the writing workshop offered through Uncharted: Go on.

The March 4th presentation was a good experience. I used about 50 percent of what I had prepared and built the remaining 50 percent on the spot, drawing on what I know works when you’ve got a bunch of photos, sound clips and souvenirs on hand but you’re staring into that blank screen maw, waiting for inspiration to strike.

The next Uncharted writing workshop will be better than the first. And then they’ll keep on getting better as more people attend and as more people tell us what they’d like to see in this workshop, and in other workshops we’ve got in the works.

What did I learn from this workshop?

There’s a lot of talent out there. My Uncharted compatriots, shy about sharing what they write, can write some magnificent stuff. Maybe they’re lacking a little bit of confidence, or a road map or plan on how to begin. I’m hoping with what I taught them about outlining, making lists, making story diagrams and other such stuff helps them find that confidence and those road maps. I’m expecting great things from them. And you, too. Toddle on over to https://uncharted.net and show us what you’ve got.

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