By Brian Davidson, Uncharted Staff

I promise we’re not trying to annoy you. We leave that up to easy listening radio.

But seriously, we need to apologize for the, well, it’s not quite a flood of e-mails announcing our most recent update, but it’s not exactly the concise, neat little package we had hoped when we added these notification e-mails to the mix. But because we noticed a rather important photo was missing from the photoset, we added it. That sent out a notification. Then it needed a caption. That sent out another notification. And so on. We’ve settled down now. I think Andrew, our design guru, put it best when he said “You never know how things are going to work until you try them out.” And that’s what we’re doing. Trying things out.

And in trying things out, we make mistakes. That’s normal. But we do sincerely apologize for the four or so update e-mails you received from us over the past weekend, and we promise to do better in the future. Be patient with us in our affliction for some day, we may actually get this right. We’re working on a fix that will allow us (and you) to tweak your captions, stories and such without spamming everyone in the universe. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on. In the meantime, keep feeding us information on how we can improve. Drop us a line through a comment on this blog or via our e-mail at . We look forward to hearing more from you, just as you likely look forward to hearing less from us.

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