Road Trip

By Alan M. Murray, Uncharted Staff

I’m living in my car. The trunk is full. The back seats are packed with supplies and there’s no room for a hitchhiker. I’ll be on the road for an entire month, looking for new places and in search of stories to share when Uncharted’s new online community of explorers is ready.

Photo and video equipment, extra batteries, lanterns, flashlights, a camp stove, a tent, warm and cold weather clothing (I have seen snow in some parts of the United States in July, and it’s September), firewood, a first aid kit and a compass are just a few of the things I’m taking with me as I travel from my home in the Philadelphia, Pa. area to the western United States.

I’m now camping on one of the the largest fresh water beaches in the United States near the border of Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pa. It’s just a six-hour drive into my trip, small in comparison with the rest of my journey.  While the park doesn’t offer camping, there are plenty of privately owned sites nearby that have an excellent view of the lake and easy access to the park. I have a good one too. My tent is just 50 feet from the water and for 75 cents you can cheat and get a hot shower. I went snorkeling in the lake but didn’t see anything other than stones, algae and one kayak. Later I continued working on a long-term project photographing night skies and enjoyed the warmth of my campfire. My next stop is Michigan.

Alan Murray is Uncharted’s President. He’s on the road now and admits that even though he brought chocolate bars and graham crackers, he somehow forgot jumbo sized marshmallows and will not be able to make s’mores on this part of his trip. To learn more about progress on Uncharted’s online community for explorers sign up to be notified when it’s ready. 

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