Redesigned Uncharted Website

By Alan Murray
Uncharted Staff

We’re back! Explorers now have a new home in the making. We’re excited to unveil a newly redesigned Uncharted website. We’re working hard so that  you can share your own adventures and connect with people from around the world. Sign up and we’ll let you know when you can set up camp on Uncharted with your own personal “My World” page where you can share your own adventures, link up with others, and enhance your travels with advice from local experts.

In the meantime, our staff and contributors will whet your appetites for exploration with photo galleries, stories, upcoming events, and new features. To kick off the sharing, check out our story and photo gallery on Wind Cave, a hiking trail in northern Utah.

Your suggestions over the past year have helped us bring Uncharted to where it is today. We’re always eager to hear more of your ideas about how we can improve and what kind of things you want to see on the site. Send us your suggestions through the site’s notification form and we’ll respond as soon as possible. And if you don’t like email, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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