Pain? Try Aspirin . . .

By Brian Davidson, Uncharted Staff

Disappointing news from the land of King of the Hammers — Uncharted Explorer Cody Fuquay was unable to participate in the race, due to technical difficulties with his vehicle. Having had the battery die in my 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass way out in Squirrel, Idaho (population 1/2) I feel Cody’s pain. But not quite, because I didn’t put as much blood, tears, toil, and sweat into preparing for that trip to Squirrel (I don’t even remember why I went there) than Cody put into his first attempt at participating in what’s described as the toughest rock crawling and desert race in the United States.

If it’s any consolation, fewer than 25 percent of the hundreds of participants who entered and qualified for the race finished it — the course is that rugged and that hard on drivers, mechanics and equipment. Even in the qualifier he was to race in, only five of twenty competitors finished, so we know it’s a brutal race.

But Explorers like Cody are undaunted. When we’re living our life of adventure and seeking out the uncharted, sometimes we come face to face with challenges and obstacles. But what we decide to do during those challenges defines our adventures.

In other words, he’ll be back to race again.

We at Uncharted wish Cody better luck next year at King of the Hammers, and good luck as always as he participates in other desert race and rock crawling events.

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