Let the Adventure Begin

By Geojoe
Uncharted Staff


…or, let it begin again. Over a year ago someone talked me into helping build a website for people that like the outdoors, active lifestyle, and the likes. That person was my friend who is an award-winning journalist. This same friend talks me into doing a lot of stuff I probably shouldn’t do, like going on trips to Nicaragua. Yes. I was hesitant despite his professional background. Interestingly, the idea actually started up as a printed publication, and here we are one year later paying a programmer to build an innovative website.

So now its time to start a new adventure… to share the Uncharted adventure with everyone. Everything about the site was designed to help people like us explore new places and experiences, share those experiences with others, and highlight the magnificence of some of the greatest places in the world. We first published Uncharted back in 2006, and have since then been working on more improvements. Uncharted’s 2007 revision will be awesome and I’m amazed how incredible this team is.

I’ll keep you posted on this adventure every step of the way. As a brief intro, I’m the Communications Director and a founding member of Great Divide Media, LLC, and I work full time in an International Affairs career. I graduated from Utah State University in Logan UT with a BA in Communications and minors in International Studies and Chinese… and yes, I do speak Chinese. I’ve traveled to over 30 nations on 4 continents. I worked as a Media Relations Rep for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. I am a licensed pilot, and way too many hobbies to list. Name one and I bet I do it or at least am willing to try! That’s me.

Going back to Nicaragua… in the end it turned out to be a blast. We took the risk of going to a crazy place, discovered places that hardly anyone knows about, and now the experiences are priceless. That’s exactly why I’m spending countless hours helping to build Uncharted. I hope I can help other people find great friends and info like I’ve been able to which make life an adventure. Stay plugged in here and I’ll keep you posted on our happenings. Come back and visit this blog and share it with any of your friends who might be interested. I look forward to meeting all of you!

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