Beta-Testing Praises and Blues

By Geojoe, Uncharted Staff

If you’re one of those whose mother has ever said, “anything worth doing in life takes hard work,” she just may be right. This principle certainly seems to be ringing true for Uncharted.

The beta-testing has begun, and the comments have been great. Some were even quite entertaining. Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback. The team loves reading your notes. It’s way exciting to be where we’re at right now.

On the flip side, we’ve been forging through some big challenges with the new site as we prepare it to be put to the test. For some reason, our user registration sign-ups were disappearing into some unknown abyss of the virtual universe. A few nights ago, however, our programming contractors, Dave, and Andrew once again lived up to their hero status by cracking the problem!

Now our whole staff is able to register as Explorers on the test site and we’ve already started testing the features. We have to test everything when it’s still highly dysfunctional. We’re trying to make sure the major issues are ironed out before the beta-testers log in to start their functional testing. The beta-test site will be far from perfect when the beta-testers start plugging away, but we hope what we’re doing now will help the beta-testers have a more enjoyable and effective experience. This can be both a laborious and a frustrating process! All complaints aside, it’s energizing to see some of the features working, and with every day it just keeps getting better.

We’re still very eager to make the site available for beta-testers and are using all the free time we have in our schedules and that our day jobs will allow, to make that happen within the month. In the mean time, we’ll be sending out some more screen shots and other materials for beta-tester feedback, so keep the comments and questions coming. We’ll keep you posted with the developments.

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