Attack of the Mushroom People

By Geojoe, Uncharted Staff

Well, it finally happened. Between the community of Explorers and staff, the data uploaded to Uncharted pushed our server to its limits and required our staff to streamline data storage. There’s nothing that makes a web media operative go more crazy than going to his own site and suddenly realizing something has gone wrong! “Why is the site acting up? Have evil Mushroom People invaded our server and attacked it from within?” That was our story this morning. Who are these Mushroom People and why are they attacking us?

This was quite the headache for our team to figure out. Growth is usually welcome, but it does come with a price. All things considered, however, it is a good problem to have. It wasn’t very long ago that Uncharted didn’t even have an operating website. We only dreamed of such a thing. And even when it was launched, we weren’t sure we’d ever get to this point, but here we are. A problem? Yes. A headache? Yes. But a good problem to have? Also yes.

Despite the headache and the fact that our technical gurus and leadership were under the gun to resolve the problem, once our team got together we had a plan of action within 30 minutes, and the site was brought back online within 2 hours. Not bad for a startup, eh? What a team!

And what was the solution? Well, since the Mushroom People are probably watching, we could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you…

Happy Adventures.
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