Alan Murray: Detecting Gorillas All Week Long

By Brian Davidson
Uncharted Staff

Within the next hour and a half, Uncharted’s Alan Murray will be detecting gorillas. Much better than Dr. Bunsen Honeydew here.

Gorilla detecting is a good metaphor for what Alan is doing this week. In case you’ve forgotten, Alan is teaching a week-long writing and leadership seminar at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s summer workshop series. The gorilla detecting comes in as Alan teaches his students that we have to go beyond the obvious and stretch ourselves as writers and communicators to succeed in any kind of writing endeavor, not just journalism. (I wish I’d realized the importance of the communication part when I was a journalist; that would have helped avoid several unpleasant problems.)

We’ve had a busy month, getting Alan ready for this week’s adventure. And we’re not done. Andrew will work as a Skyped-in guest speaker on coordinating writing with visuals, while Dave will also Skype in to talk about SEO and other ways to generate web traffic. As Uncharted’s director of creative content, I’ll be working with Alan all week as well, offering feedback on his students’ writing. It’s going to be a challenging week.

Alan is up to it, through. He’s good at detectoring gorillas.

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