Airport Security Pointers for US Travel

By Geojoe
Uncharted Staff

Ahhh, the life of an explorer. Discovering new places is a great way to live, but it comes at some cost, and I’m not talking about just the airline ticket price. Making your way through security at the airports can be a downright messy process, and on more than one occasion has contributed to me missing a flight. In my many travels, I’ve noticed that many complications in the security line could be reduced if travelers knew a little more about what to expect at the checkpoint.

Those of us who come prepared probably won’t be “that guy” who halts all 200 people behind us in cue because security has to stop us to tell us to take out our liquids. If we know how to avoid such hiccups at the checkpoint, we breeze through, on to the anxiously awaited destination less stressed, while also helping those behind us enjoy their own travel adventure just a little more. In light of that, be sure to check out the TSA Travel Assistant web page before your next trip in the US. It has some great pointers and might save you some hassle. Happy travels!

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