Storytelling for Explorers (Early Enrollment Discount with Free Consultation)

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Early Enrollment at Discounted Price

This is a new course that will offer on-demand video instruction. We’re looking for feedback. Those who enroll early  at the discounted price will receive a free consultation (online or by phone) with the instructor and  have opportunity to offer feedback and assist in developing course content. And when the course is fully developed, early enrollment students will continue to access course content.

Course Overview

This class is focused on helping you apply basic planning, observation, and collaborative techniques to capture better memories of your travels that you can later use to tell your story. Whether you’re trying to post on social media, write a blog, take photos, share with family and friends, give travel trips, or just keep a personal journal of your memories, we’re excited to work with you.

Planning Skills – We’ll help you define a storytelling purpose, learn techniques for planning, and briefly review some ideas for selecting the right equipment for different situations.


Observation Skills – We’ll talk about different ideas for learning while you explore, how you can better position yourself so that you can capture better storytelling moments, and we’ll discuss ideas that can help you come back from a trip with a wider variety of photos and notes.


Collaborative Skills – We’ll share some ideas for collaborating with others and how to get out of your comfort zone to talk with people on your travels so you can document your travels more thoroughly and get more out of your experience.


So if you want to create better memories, if you want to motivate your friends and family to get out and explore, if you want to better document your travels, learning how to apply these techniques can help. We’re preparing on-demand videos for this course.

About the Instructor

Alan Murray is Uncharted’s resident photojournalist. An award-winning photographer, journalist and editor, Alan has worked for over 20 years covering assignments such as the Olympics, the NCAA, and long-term multimedia work. He has lived and travelled extensively through South and Central America, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.


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