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Photographing the Total Lunar Eclipse

Most of the weekend, as temperatures plummeted throughout the Philadelphia area, I kept making excuses for not going outside to view the total lunar eclipse. The thought of standing for hours, gripping metallic camera equipment, and relying on hand warmers as my only source of warmth, opposed my passion for experiencing this lunar spectacle.

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Photographing the 2017 “American” Solar Eclipse

Photographing the 2017 “American” Solar Eclipse By Alan M. Murray/Uncharted Staff Sweat ran down my face, dripping onto my already-soaked T-shirt. I wiped it off with a small towel hanging around my neck, but a few beads of moisture still managed to drip onto my camera. As I maneuvered my

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Experiencing the 2017 “American” Eclipse from South Carolina

Finding the Perfect Spot to View the Eclipse By Charles Geraci For two short minutes, the sun struggled to show its intensity, leaving the moon to darken the day-time sky. At the beginning of the period known as “totality”—when the moon completely covers the sun—a crowd of revelers cheered at

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Why Photography?

  We continue working on Uncharted. We appreciate the feedback and support that many of you have given as we continue to develop our online exploration community. We hope you enjoy this slide show by Uncharted’s Alan Murray about how photography can enhance life and help us explore the uncharted.

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Getting Ready

By Alan Murray, Uncharted Staff Starting a new venture is an amazing experience. It’s exciting, challenging, educational and fun. On occasion it can be discouraging.  Taking an idea and transforming it into reality is a rigorous, but very rewarding undertaking. Sometimes ideas turn into what you least expect. When we

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Escape the Philly Airport to Tinicum

By Alan M. Murray, Uncharted Staff I feel for anyone who has ever been stuck in an airport. Few things are worse than coming off an already long flight to find you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Scrunched for several hours in the coach section, my legs wobbly as half-melted

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Hiking Instead of Driving

By Alan M. Murray, Uncharted Staff I recently walked across an entire state. There is something intriguing about walking across a state that you usually drive through on your way to somewhere else. Other than the usual welcome sign at the state line, it’s hard to see anything from the

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Uncharted 2014 Calendar

A new year is coming soon and we just finished making our first-ever Uncharted calendar!  Our team talked about how it would be great to have something we could hang on our wall or give to our family and friends that would be a great conversation starter and visually remind us

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