This is a list of workshops available to Uncharted subscribers.

  • Travel Photography for Explorers

    Learn how to better capture your adventures with Uncharted's photo expert

    Whether you are an advanced amateur or you've just purchased your very first digital camera, you can improve your photography and storytelling skills with Uncharted's Travel Photography for Explorers... See more...

  • Map Reading for Explorers

    Get lost less with Uncharted's expert geographer and orienteering fanatic

    A map is a great tool to help you explore the uncharted. With it, you can find new places, navigate unfamiliar terrain and cityscapes, save time getting from one point to another and even help you find yourself if ... See more...

  • Land Navigation for Explorers

    Learn the fundamentals of navigating difficult terrain with our expert geographer

    You want to explore the uncharted, but you're not sure how to navigate trails, difficult terrain, the backcountry and complex cityscapes. You certainly don't want to get lost. Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching in the field, online mentoring, or group sessions, you can improve your land navigation skills ... See more...